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Happy New Year’s Eve! The holiday season has kept me busy (and hungover), and I’ve been slacking in the blogging department. Given that New Year’s is all about making — and keeping — resolutions, now’s as good a time as any to tackle Day 05. Though I don’t particularly like the concept of resolutions, the beginning of another year is the perfect time to reflect on your life and make attainable goals for your future. A clean slate, if you will.

Besides the obvious goal of merely surviving until 2015 (which may be difficult since my evening plans involve being outside in cold temperatures for an extended period of time (Yes, I know. I’m from New England and should not be whining about 40-degree temperatures at all. But three years here has thinned my blood, and my winter coat is packed somewhere in storage.)), this one’s easy.

One thing I hope to do in my life is bike across the country. I have a touring bike, built almost from scratch, that would be perfect for the journey. “America the Beautiful” wasn’t written about nothing, and I can’t think of a better way to take in what this country has to offer. I’ve spoken with people who have made the trek, and they only have positive things to say. Plus, it would help me conquer a couple of my biggest fears: traveling alone and finding my way (both on a map and in my brain). It’s also a great way to meet new people – those I wouldn’t normally meet in the course of everyday life. I’ve never lived alone and am the type of person who prefers not to be isolated. At this point in my life, forced alone time is something from which I could greatly benefit. Plus, I’ll never truly be isolated. There will always be friendly people willing to lend a hand (or a couch), and cell service is never too far out of reach.

Just thinking about biking cross-country scares and excites me, which confirms that I need to stop “just thinking” about it and make it happen. Tonight I’ll be drinking to keep warm and to planning an exciting two-wheeled journey.

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