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I may have to use this Truth as another excuse to rant about society.

Something I never get complimented on is my compassion for humanity. I have an alarming lack of empathy for the human race. In fact, a friend of mine commented, in reference to a movie about robots, that he believes I’m “more capable of empathizing with burgeoning robot Artificial Intelligence than with real-life human beings.” And it’s true. I may have shed a tear when The Terminator lowered itself [note: I originally had “himself” instead of “itself”] into metal-melting molten at the end of the movie. I didn’t care so much about Sarah or John Connor. However, I would also like to note that I do feel and care for people I know and like. Because I am not a robot.

Animals are more my thing. Specifically because they are just out there living their lives, and we humans take it upon ourselves to exploit them for our exclusive benefit without considering the consequences. And the way we do it is inhumane in many cases. (For an example Google: “Fur industry China.” I don’t have it in me to post links here.)

Not all people are evil, but a few rotten apples certainly spoil the bunch. Seriously, is there really a need to smash glass bottles in the children’s sandbox at Dolores Park? Poison dogs with meatballs? Who wouldn’t be disgusted after reading those things? People just don’t give a fuck, and not in the good Mark Manson way. Sadly, we are the only species smart enough to be able to give a fuck and do something about it, but we are too wrapped up in our own lives to care about anything else.

If people would spend half as much time putting an effort into bettering their community and the planet as they do to bettering their own situation, everyone would benefit. But no, let’s wait until things have a direct impact on us before taking action. This ties into the nuclear family/every-man-for-himself mentality. Why look out for anyone else when nobody is looking out for you? Fuck off, neighbor, get off my land. An interesting, semi-related article about nuclear families discusses why the idea isn’t sustainable. Though I don’t necessarily agree with the extended family concept, I believe taking a community-based approach would be a positive development. Let’s take care of our tribe and the good earth that provides for us instead of stepping all over everything and everyone that gets in our path.

*End Rant*

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