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I’ve moved a whole lot throughout my life, so this has happened to me with more than one person. Unfortunately that’s what distance and time can do, if you let them.

Probably one of the better times I can remember was when I lived in the suburbs of Chicago. Part of it was timing — we lived there from when I was in 8th grade through the summer before my junior year of high school. As you all know, teenage years are pretty significant. It was in John Hughes land, during this time, that I had my first major crush, tried alcohol for the first time, got busted for being out past curfew (once by the cops and once by my mom), and forged some meaningful friendships. When my parents broke the news that we were moving to Massachusetts, I cried and yelled and threatened to move in with my best friend Sheela. My scummy boyfriend at the time also dumped me, probably thinking: “Why bother?” I was heartbroken, and it was a rough time on many levels. But I did end up moving to the East Coast with my family and kept in touch with most of my Chicago-area friends. In fact, I frequently went back to visit them and some even came to Massachusetts to visit me.

I could go on for pages about these friendships and the many adventures that resulted from them both when I lived there and even up until recently. And I’m glad that I’m still in touch with a couple of people from that era, including Sheela.

But I have lost touch with most of that crew over the years, mostly because we’ve moved on and grown apart. I know I’m a very different person than I was even three years ago, let alone in high school. When I went back to Chicago a couple of summers ago and met up with a few of those people, we had fun catching up but that thing was no longer there. We weren’t that high school crew that got into trouble together anymore. It became clear that these people had been part of a moment in time, like Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 

So yes, it saddens me that the moment was fleeting and is gone, but I am grateful for the time we did share. I’ll never forget that period of my life or the people who helped shape it. For those people I say:

I’ve got tears in my fro
Cuz my world is upside down over you
(You, baby!) (You, babe!)

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