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Not sure if it’s the cloudy skies (what is this, like four days in a row of clouds?) or the impending rainstorm of the century, but I am not feeling this truth today. In fact, the only thing I’m feeling is the desire to go home, snuggle with Shadow, and watch trashy TV. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with this?

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Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Something I love about myself is that I’m loyal to those I care about. Kind of like Shadow (though my mom would say Shadow is loyal to those who give her treats, which, in dog world, equates to love). I’m not a fair-weather friend/person and am pretty good about coming through in the clutch. You tell can a true friend is someone who is there when things are good AND when they are bad. I am one of those people.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel like expounding on this right now. I must have a 5th sense. It’s like I have ESPN or something, because my head can tell when it’s gonna rain. Or, it can tell when it’s raining:

But seriously, I get massive headaches and sinus pains when storms are about to come through. So instead of getting a serious post like yesterday, you get a lot of avoidance. Ah well, the truth is [in] there.

For those of my friends in the Bay Area, stay safe!

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