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It’s been about three months since I started using clean cosmetics, and things are going well. I finally finished off that first beet and am onto my second – not bad! At this rate, I’ll be getting 9 months worth of blush out of three beets. I also just finished off my first activated charcoal capsule, which means the bottle of 50 capsules could potentially last me 150 months, or a little over 12 years. Hmm, 12 years worth of eyebrow filler and black eyeliner for $10.99? I dare you to find something that works just as well for less cash.

The first bottles of Aubrey shampoo and conditioner are still in the shower – I use them about once every four days, and Jay uses them only when he gets a haircut. We’re not even halfway through our Dr. Bronner’s eucalyptus castile soap-turned-shower-gel. We’ve hardly made a dent in our Jojoba oil-turned-moisturizer. I’ve replaced my Aubrey face wash (because I finished it) with a $6 bottle of Dr. Bronner’s lavender castile soap, which will last me eons, since I only need a few drops per wash. That’s like $70 for months of cleansers, makeup, and moisturizers. (And some for two people!) The financial savings is just an added bonus.

The real benefit is how much better my skin and hair look. I’m able to enjoy my natural curls instead of blow-drying my hair straight every day and watching it frizz in the humidity. Though my skin still gets that “dewy” look (sounds way better than oily), I haven’t gotten a concealer-worthy zit in three months, despite my hormones’ best attempts.  Probably my favorite part is how low-maintenance it is! No three-step cleansing routine. No layers of makeup, since I don’t need much. No tired arms from holding up the blow drier for 20 minutes.

Another step we’ve taken, mainly just for our benefit, is adding a filter to our shower head. (That was especially fun, since our old shower head was a custom fancy one.) Our shower water no longer smells like chlorine, and I feel okay about washing my face and body in there. Jay swears his skin is less dry, too. Though ours came free with our Big Berkey water filter, you can buy them right at stores like Home Depot. We’re also still using good ‘ole vinegar and baking soda to clean, though we’ve expanded our horizons by adding essential oils to the mix. At least then our counters smell like something other than fish n’ chips! (If anyone from work is reading this, I added it just for you.)

Now that summer’s coming around, our next step is to look into clean sunscreens (i.e. those with titanium dioxide and/or zinc as the active ingredient and not much else) and decent bug repellant. For sun protection on my face, I was thinking of trying this. Since I’m saving so much on cosmetics, I can splurge! As for the rest of me, we’ll see. It doesn’t spend too much time in the sun. We’ve already tried one bug repellant, and the jury’s still out on it. It’s a mix of essential oils, water, and almond oil as a carrier. We initially made it for Shadow (the dog), but since she’s deathly afraid of spray bottles, we’re using it on ourselves instead. Now if I could only have this much willpower and commitment when it comes to what I eat!

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