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There are so many reasons I shouldn’t watch American Idol.

  1. Ryan Seacrest’s “THIS is…..American Idol.”
  2. Randy’s “It just wasn’t good for me for you dog”
  3. Kara in general.
  4. Ellen. I like her as a talk show host, but she’s just about as useless as Paula was, except she’s not drunk and amusing. She compared someone to a ripe banana. Come on.
  5. The fact that I actually said to myself before watching the first episode of this season: Tracy, brace yourself to be really pissed off all of the time.

Yet I still watch. The show hasn’t even officially begun and I’m angry. Why? Because two contestants who should have been in the top 12, Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert, did not make it. Instead, two babies made it through. I will admit that the guys in general just aren’t good this season. But Lilly Scott being ousted in favor of Katie Stevens? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Maybe Lilly should be flattered that a pathetic show like American Idol didn’t work out for her. Now she can go back to Denver having been exposed to millions of people who absolutely love her and the fact that she isn’t your stereotypical karaoke singer. (Because, let’s face it. American Idol is just a glorified karaoke bar without the booze.) I hope Lilly doesn’t let this get her down, because she’s way better than that. In the meantime, the grandmas can go back to voting for Katie and Aaron, who would be better off finishing their sophomore years of high school.

And yes, I’ll still be watching the show and continually whining about how much drives me insane.

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