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It’s Throwback Thursday (which follows Witty Wednesday), so why not take a break from telling the truth to reminisce about the good old days of running through sprinklers in our yards and careering down the slip-n-slide into the grass?

slip n slide

Photo from Slide the City

Oh, but we don’t have to reminisce! Because a giant slip-n-slide is coming to San Francisco and a bunch of other cities in the great dry state of California! Normally, I’d be all for a huge slippery slope taking over a street in SF, but not right now. We are in a severe drought that has everyone in an uproar, and rightly so. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that any organization would be stupid enough to bring a huge wet slide to California — and it really must be stupid to think July is a great time of year for water-related activities in San Francisco. I recall my first visit to this great city. It was in July, around my birthday. And it was fucking foggy & frigid!

The organization’s website touts that they’re going to recycle the water and return it back to the city for use (?) once the event is over. But if any of you recall how slip-n-slides work, not all of the water used will be available for recycling. Much of it will splash out to water the pavement (bringing to mind the Panhandle sprinklers debacle) or evaporate. Or get peed in. And the most offensive part of all? The site compares the slide’s use of water per day to a golf course, because it’s so much less. Oh no they didn’t!

For those of you who live in California, you probably know about this and have signed the petition. For anyone else, please consider doing so. Because our precious water feeds our crops, which feed most of America. And, like many people have been saying, EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS.

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