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I’ve been thinking about this one for a couple of days now and feel like I’m generally pretty good at forgiving myself. However, one thing for which I’m particularly hard on myself is not bicycling. This morning, I realized I was internally berating myself for taking the bus instead of biking to work. In the past, I biked to work every day regardless of the weather. I have rain gear and two bikes with fenders. There’s no real excuse. But the drought has turned me into a wimp, and I find myself taking the bus to work on rainy days, especially if I plan to go out after work. Hey, I need to be presentable! Have you ever seen helmet hair? Not pretty.

But one of my good friends made an excellent point: Even if I opt out of riding on rainy days, I still ride a lot more than the average person, even for San Francisco. I am the only person at my company who commutes to work by bike. Because my group of friends is comprised of badass cyclists, it’s easy for me to feel like a total slacker when I don’t ride every day. However, many of my friends work at jobs that don’t require them to dress in business attire, which makes a huge difference. And several of them don’t need to bike to work, because they work close to BART.

So I think it’s about time that I [attempt to] forgive myself for occasionally choosing not to ride my bike.

And, because this post is about bikes and I love my bikes, I’m going to include photos of my two-wheeled children, who get plenty of love from me:

Daisy Bell, my commuter:

daisy bell

Violator, my road bike:


Thumper, my touring bike (that I helped build from used bike parts):thumper

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