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Look at me! I’m on a roll! Two days and two posts. I deserve a medal, or maybe a drink. Or some drugs. Kidding. Or am I?

I don’t have a problem with alcohol or drugs unless they interfere with someone’s everyday life. Drugs aren’t really my thing (not saying that’s always been the case), and I don’t judge friends who partake. To each her own. Technically alcohol is also a drug, the only difference being that it’s legal for those of a certain age. So, when your alcohol/drug use gets you into dangerous situations or to risk your safety or the safety of others, I have a problem.

This brings me to an interesting question: Why is it that alcohol is legal but drugs, such as marijuana, generally are not? Alcohol doesn’t have any medicinal benefits (no, alcohol does not kill germs, unless you’re talking about rubbing alcohol). Okay, maybe Fernet does, but it tastes like crap. At least marijuana has proven benefits, like helping with anxiety and insomnia. Sure, if you drink enough alcohol you can stop giving a fuck and then pass out, but the resulting “sleep” is not satisfying, and you can’t function normally in the meantime. And man, the hangover! And also the awful feelings associated with realizing what you did the night before (e.g., drunk texting your ex), which brings me to my next point: Alcohol lowers inhibitions. I can’t tell you how many idiotic things I’ve done and said while drunk. Unfortunately, alcohol is a huge money-making industry. Many social events revolve around it. You don’t see commercials tempting you to “puff, puff, pass” before the quarterback passes the football. (Though I think a bunch of stoned sports fanatics would be less prone to fighting than a bunch of drunk sports fanatics.) The Most Interesting Man in the World isn’t The Big Lebowski but the man who tells you to “stay thirsty.” I’m sure as marijuana becomes more acceptable, and once the government and corporations realize they can make lots of money from it, it will be legalized more broadly and the advertising will follow suit.

I guess my point is that as long as you’re an adult who can manage yourself when partaking in drugs or alcohol, it’s fine with me. Wow, this post is all over the place. I need a drink.

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Oh, man. To be serious or not to be serious…

Today I will throw you all off and be serious because turning this into a farce would be way more easy, and I’m down for a challenge.

Something I’ve tried to live without but can’t is coffee. Sadly, I don’t think it’s the coffee itself. It’s the idea of coffee and what coffee involves. Much of my social life revolves around coffee. Coffee bike rides, coffee before bike rides, coffee during bike rides, meeting for coffee and a chat, meeting for coffee to talk about stuff, making and drinking coffee the morning after a night of drinking stuff other than coffee… I could go on.

I was able to give up coffee for about 7 months prior to my wedding. But I had an end-goal in mind: To look hot in my wedding dress. So any time I had the urge to drink coffee, I pulled up a picture of the gown and drank green tea instead. And you can guess the first thing I drank the morning after my wedding (besides water)! I’m sure you’re all about to say “But Tracy! Coffee won’t make you fat!” And here is where I remind you that I like a bit of coffee with my cream and sugar. Believe me, it’s not the taste of coffee I love.

Coffee is a lot more to me than just the drink itself. There are rituals and traditions surrounding coffee that just wouldn’t feel the same if I were drinking anything else. I don’t want to partake in a coffee bike ride, which is a social ride that involves biking to coffee shops around the city, and then get juice or tea at each stop. Waking up in the morning and making a cup of tea isn’t the same as grinding some beans (Mmm, that smell!) and dumping them in the French Press with hot water. And I love latte art.

Finally, not much can beat the combination of two wonderful things, coffee and chocolate. I will never turn down a hot or iced mocha, especially if it’s a Valencia mocha.

Now replace the word “coffee” with “alcohol” and this post would be a lot more accurate, if not a little disturbing.

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