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Cory Doctorow

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I was reading my friend Heather’s blog and saw one of her posts that had a badge bearing the words “I write like Arthur C. Clarke.” Of course I was intrigued and wanted to know who I write like. So I clicked on the link in her badge and was brought to a website where I was asked to plug in a few paragraphs of my writing. Crossing my fingers that it wasn’t some sort of trick to steal peoples’ writing for a very interesting (and random) book, I went ahead and tried it.

Who the hell is Cory Doctorow?

He is a science-fiction, postcyberpunk (??) Canadian writer who is also a journalist. He seems like a pretty cool newer author. Of course I don’t write science fiction – not even close. I may have to try out the application again. In the meantime, it’s better than being compared to Tucker Max. His book is the last one I finished, and it’s got to be the worst piece of crap I’ve ever read. So if you EVER are compared to him, change your writing style ASAP. That is, unless you’d prefer to be a sellout like him.

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You’ll soon find out that many of my posts will have something, if not a lot, do to with our dog, Max. I could go on forever about him, but I’ll keep things short and sweet for now.

This morning we took Max to a new vet, one who has been recommended to me by a couple of people. And since, in the 10 months we’ve had Max, no vets have been able to solve our main issue with him, we figured we’d give this new one a shot.

Unfortunately, this new vet came to the same conclusion as the others: Max has allergies. To what . . . ah, now that’s the million-dollar question. But the vet’s pretty sure it’s myriad of things, one of which is food. This diagnosis is not music to my ears, since allergies in dogs is one of the worst things to treat, mainly because you have to go through a system of trial and error to determine what your dog’s actually allergic to. And if he’s allergic to multiple things, like food and house dust, it’s a pleasant time trying to control his exposure to the allergens or “desensitize” him to them.

Changing Max’s diet hasn’t worked in the past, mainly because every diet has had a flaw: they weren’t completely pure and simple. There was flax, or grain, or something small that could have set Max off. This new vet is pretty sure his suggested diet will do the trick – or at least confirm whether or not Max has a food allergy. What is this miracle diet? Boiled white potatoes, of course!

Sounds appetizing, right? Potatoes for breakfast, dinner and everything in between. The vet believes that four weeks of this potato diet will tell us everything we need to know. If, after four weeks, Max’s skin is a lot better, then we can start adding back one ingredient at a time, starting with a protein. If, after four weeks, Max’s skin is unchanged, then you will find me hanging from the rafters.

Eventually, I’ll explain the whole story of Max. But for now, I’m too busy boiling potatoes.

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There are so many reasons I shouldn’t watch American Idol.

  1. Ryan Seacrest’s “THIS is…..American Idol.”
  2. Randy’s “It just wasn’t good for me for you dog”
  3. Kara in general.
  4. Ellen. I like her as a talk show host, but she’s just about as useless as Paula was, except she’s not drunk and amusing. She compared someone to a ripe banana. Come on.
  5. The fact that I actually said to myself before watching the first episode of this season: Tracy, brace yourself to be really pissed off all of the time.

Yet I still watch. The show hasn’t even officially begun and I’m angry. Why? Because two contestants who should have been in the top 12, Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert, did not make it. Instead, two babies made it through. I will admit that the guys in general just aren’t good this season. But Lilly Scott being ousted in favor of Katie Stevens? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Maybe Lilly should be flattered that a pathetic show like American Idol didn’t work out for her. Now she can go back to Denver having been exposed to millions of people who absolutely love her and the fact that she isn’t your stereotypical karaoke singer. (Because, let’s face it. American Idol is just a glorified karaoke bar without the booze.) I hope Lilly doesn’t let this get her down, because she’s way better than that. In the meantime, the grandmas can go back to voting for Katie and Aaron, who would be better off finishing their sophomore years of high school.

And yes, I’ll still be watching the show and continually whining about how much drives me insane.

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