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Back in the day (haha, dad), I visited San Francisco when I still lived in Worcester and wrote about it. Amazingly, most of what I said back then still holds true after having lived in San Francisco for close to three years. 

Weather: I miss autumn in New England. And sometimes, but only sometimes, I miss having seasons. But generally, I’ll take the weather over here in SF over the weather back East. Yeah, biking home every day into a strong headwind sucks. Cold, foggy mornings suck. But 50-degree temperatures in January? Yes, please! Summer in October? Okay! Precipitation over the past couple of years has also been lower than usual (which, unfortunately, has resulted in a major drought), but it’s typically lower than in Massachusetts anyway. On a side note, I experienced my first significant earthquake this past weekend! It was a 6.1, centered in Napa. It happened in the middle of the night and woke me up out of a drunken sleep. It lasted only 10 seconds, but it was pretty intense. Hard to describe the feeling of your bed shaking the way my bed shook. Someone later told me it was a “rolling” earthquake. I think it’s time to make my emergency kit, before another one hits. Would I take quakes over tornadoes and hurricanes? Not sure – at least with storms we get a heads up that they’re coming. 

Landscape: My opinion holds firm. Though the northern part of the east coast has its own beauty and charm, you cannot beat the dramatic cliffs and beaches here on the west coast. Or the gorgeous golden hills dotted with trees. Sorry, Massachusetts!

Food: No contest. Plus, my neighborhood has a farmer’s market! I only have to walk (or bike) two blocks to get local, organic produce, cheese, bread, eggs, even meat if I want it! And since moving here I’ve eaten at Millennium and Greens, both of which are ridiculously good vegetarian restaurants. If places like those existed in Boston, let alone Worcester, I knew nothing about them. And, on a related note, I don’t really miss the beer from the east coast. My palate has changed, and the options here do me just fine. Especially sour beers! Yummy. 

People: Okay, now here is where I may backtrack a bit. Don’t get me wrong: the people here are really nice. I’ve made some excellent friends whom I love. But I do pine for the east coast attitude a bit. Sure, we are a surly bunch, but we stab you in the front rather than in the back. Also, when we say we’ll be somewhere, we show up. And on time. I can’t tell you how often my friends are late or just flake altogether. That will never be cool with me! It’s sad when I’m impressed by people who are where they say they’ll be and when. (Typically these people are not from the Bay Area.) It’s become a novelty and not an expectation. But hey – I’ve lowered my expectations and have managed to be fairly happy with the state of people out here. Just don’t get me started on drivers when I’m on my bike. That’s another whole post.

So, the jury returns! And the verdict is: WEST COAST WINS!!!

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