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This past weekend, over a million people marched for gun control after yet another school shooting, this time in Florida. People from all over the country gathered in D.C. for a rally to let our politicians know that they think #enoughisenough.

I watched some of the speeches online and was moved by the strength and eloquence of the students and their friends. As others in the media have suggested, these kids act more like adults than our President.

Though I was unable to attend the march in San Francisco, where we live, my boyfriend and I happened upon one of the marches in Walnut Creek:


It was heatwarming to see so many people gathered for the cause, knowing marches like this were happening all over the country.

I’m hoping, unlike with the Million Mom March, that these marches will facilitate change. I’m hoping the movement doesn’t fade from the headlines to be replaced by the latest Trump shenanigans. I’m hoping the politicans who are supposed to be representing their constituents finally stand up to the #NRA. It would seem almost negligent to turn a blind eye to all of us who want change so we can feel safe living our everyday lives.

The movement will be an uphill battle. For years, politicians have been slaves to the corporations that lobby them. (On a side note, I wonder why we allow politicians to take donations from the corporations they ultimately end up supporting. Can’t we make it illegal? I don’t care if that means politicians have to raise money in a more grassroots way; that’s what most of us have to do in our lives.) It may come down to convincing everyone to #votethemout and replace the NRA-beholden Congress with representatives who truly represent their constituents. I’m lucky to live in a city and state that generally aligns with my values, but even in California there are red districts.

Do you live in a red district? Call your reps and demand they break from the NRA!

If you live in California, you can start here: Flip the 14

Let’s be the change we want to see!

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