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As time progresses and neonicotinoids continue to be sprayed on crops, more information regarding the negative impacts of its use comes to light (as I predicted). My last blog post was more about the connection between evil corporate giants and government policy, but now I’ve got increasing concern about the long-term impacts of this practice in addition to the use of GMOs.

Here is more recent news on the subject.

Again, chemical companies are doing what they can to push this chemical before sufficient research on its effects has been conducted. The studies that have been done show that the chemicals stay and accumulate in the soil. Because they are insecticides, they’re probably not benefiting the insects that live in that soil. Then the chemicals that get washed away end up in our rivers and, inevitably, in our water supply.

From the article linked above:

This clearly raises concerns in relation to the range of affected wildlife. There is every reason to suspect that neonicotinoids pose a threat that extends far beyond bumblebees. Farmland soils are accumulating higher and higher levels of – what are essentially – highly toxic compounds, and this is very likely to harm wildlife. Earlier this month, the RSPB-led ‘State of Nature’ report revealed that 60 per cent of species in the UK are in decline. Approximately 30 per cent are declining particularly rapidly. Now, I’m not suggesting that pesticides are the sole cause of this decline, but they certainly aren’t helping matters.

This is scary to me. It’s a total domino effect that will eventually reach all of the way up the food chain to us, creating havoc along the way. When are we going to smarten up and put sentient beings above profit?


UPDATE: The latest news. Clearly, we have a problem. And once again, it’s Monsanto. I do not want to think about GMO foods pollinated by drones, do you?


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