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Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit distracted by the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, my new digital camera. Well, it’s not completely new. I bought it a couple weeks ago, because my previous digital camera started to die. Three weeks ago, I thought I had a fine digital camera. Larger and more complicated than my point-and-shoot, it allowed me to adjust the aperture and shutter speed settings to get artsier shots. Little did I know, that was nothing compared to what my Canon can do. Not only can I manually adjust all those settings (and more), and with more flexibility than my previous camera, but I can also change lenses and focus using the lenses themselves (as opposed to buttons)! I have two lenses for this camera: the 18-55mm that came with the kit, and a 55mm prime f1.8 lens. This second, fixed lens enables me to have a really low f-stop (aka wide aperture) and get a really short depth of focus. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

The flower on which I focused is crisp and clear, but the flowers beyond that quickly become less focused. I absolutely love that effect. And it’s an effect I couldn’t achieve with the 18-55mm lens, because its f-stop doesn’t go nearly as low. The drawback of the prime 55mm lens is that it’s constantly focused at 55mm. No adjustments allowed. But that’s why I have the kit lens, so I can get photos like this:

I won’t bore you with a post full of photography lingo. I really just wanted to explain why I’ve been MIA. You can see more of my photography here, which is where I’ve been posting photos taken with my new Canon and my old Fujifilm (may it rest in peace).

I promise to be back soon with something a little more…serious. Once I write some notes on Eating Animals, the book I just finished reading, I’m sure I’ll have something interesting to say.

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